Workshop: Instructional Design by Olimpia Mesa – 10:00-12:00

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Imagine this place in which learning is interesting, fun, challenging, and makes every minute worth it. It is safe. It has positive energy. A place of change and growth.
Now see yourself creating it because this is how education could be in the digital era if you understand how to use the great range of resources it offers.
In this 2-hour hands-on workshop educator and teachers like you, learn and experience the framework that integrates brain-based learning, story-telling, gamification, and technology into one curriculum design.
UNDERSTANDING HOW PEOPLE NATURALLY LEARN: With a learner-centered perspective we will empower you by helping you develop a deeper understanding of how kids and people in general learn.
The principles covered in this section are distilled from research from a variety of disciplines like neuroscience, bio-chemistry or cognitive psychology and narrowed to an easy to use pattern.
CREATING ENGAGEMENT WITH GAMES: When learning feels dull, kids are not being engaged and motivated. Research supports the effectiveness of game-based learning and practicians give us the tools to use them.
You will learn and test how the main game principles work and how those can be integrated into your curriculum designs in the simple way.
GOING DIGITAL: More and more children are becoming computer-literate before they’ve even started primary school – and we’ve all heard about the techno-babies who can handle an iPad before they have learnt how to tie their own shoelaces.
The use of mobile digital technologies in the classroom might be largely unfamiliar to educators, but the benefits can be huge. It’s not about just shifting traditional lessons onto screens – it’s about allowing pupils to make use of their devices to truly enhance their learning while giving teachers better ways to track individual achievement and personalise lessons.
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Olimpia Mesa

Founder & Director of Instructional Design & Book to Courses™ Online School
Olimpia Meşa is the one who opened the first instructional design company in Central and Eastern Europe. She did her training and received the necessary certificates for this activity from a US company which later invited her to be their representative figure in Europe.
Olimpia is the course creator behind hundreds of successful corporate and educational programs, both online and live, translated in over 20 languages. Fluent in 4 of them, she creates courses and consults with Fortune 500 organizations on learning projects for leadership development, the management of transformational change, coaching, and the development and implementation of learning strategies. At the same time, through Book to Courses™ Corporate Learning School, she delivers  Creating Cutting Edge Corporate Courses dedicated to trainers, consultants, instructional designers and HR professionals whom she teaches how to integrate brain-based learning, story-telling, gamification and visual thinking within the trainings that they have to deliver to their clients or in-house.
Two years ago she also started the Book to Courses ™ Online School project whose main goal is to teach authors how to transform a nonfictional book into online courses, thus giving the book authors the chance to actually impact the lives of those around them.