Workshops by Lisa Vernon

Through the 2 workshops chaired and facilitated by Lisa, she will explain why the learning needs of the future are not being met by the education systems of today. She will highlight the challenges of the future workplace, suggest the kind of education this will require and will offer examples of effective practice from different, and perhaps unexpected, parts of the world.  She will ask the audience to consider the ‘one little thing’ they can do to make learning more future focussed in their own lives and workplaces.

Workshop 1: Digital Mindfulness – 10:00-12:00

Digital Mindfulness: its not all about staring at a screen – this will be about purposefully using digital resources as learning tools. The workshop will include hands on activities dedicated to all ages, that develop skills without using screens but also some with mobile phones.

Workshop 2: History in the digital age: using technology to bring 1000 years of history to life at the Tower of London – 13:00-15:00

The workshop is based on the unique experience through which the management of Tower of London is engaging people of all ages in its digital learning programme, from the digital mission perspective to online learning.

The workshop will actively involve participants in creating/developing their own ideas and maybe have a go in one of the activities.

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Lisa Vernon

Uncover Manager, Historic Royal Palaces

Lisa has been an educator for over 20 years and has had a lot of fun leading learning with people of all ages. Her oldest student was 100 years old.

Lisa trained as an archaeologist and has spent 13 years working with the Finnish school system. This combination lies at the route of her use of objects, buildings and the environment to create exciting and stimulating learning experiences.  She currently works for Historic Royal Palaces in the Learning & Engagement team and has previously worked as a Senior Programme Manager for the education aid programme in Papua New Guinea and as the Campaign for Learning’s Policy Advisor to the UK government.

Her experience also includes 13 years of managing European Partnership projects in Education and she is a partner in Cloudberry, a training organisation that supports EU partnership working.