Digital Citizens Romania joins the 1st Media Literacy Task Force for Global Development Education

In November 2017, Digital Citizens Romania, through its representative Ms. Veronica Stefan, was selected to join the 1st Media Literacy Task Force for Global Development Education.

By joining the Media Literacy Task Force, our Think-Tank has the possibility to bring its knowledge and expertise in digital public policies and cooperation with a diverse range of stakeholders to the benefit of a global movement.

The Task Force is coordinated by the Council of Europe’s North-South Centre and is an integral part of the iLegend joint Programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe (

As a member of the Media Literacy Task Force we will have the possibility to work towards the development of three main areas related to Media Literacy and Global Education:

  • advocacy
  • raising awareness
  • capacity building

A specific task will be delivered in the context of Global Education Week (November 2018) by introducing for the 1st time the dimension of Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship in a global movement, while working with a diverse mix of stakeholders, from educators to youth multipliers and decision makers .